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We are SolarSave.com, a full service, solar lead acquisition agency that takes intuitive technology, relentless innovation, optimization and uninhibited performance of our team and turns them into effective, highly profitable lead acquisition experiences for our customers to help accelerate their growth potential.

But, that's only part of our DNA. We're equally dedicated to offering exceptional customer experiences and support. And in doing so, creating loyalty throughout the world—not just with the people who buy our leads, but the people in the communities around us.

Our proprietary technology and unique contributions have moved the entire lead acquisition industry forward. But, we never forget about giving back. That's why we strive to empower people's lives, help to preserve the environment and donate to numerous causes.

These are the things that matter to us—the things that propel us forward.

A Proven Heritage

Of Digital Innovation

We work with the best and the brightest in the industry such as Solar City. Our parent company A4D Inc., is a highly reputable, full service digital performance agency, successful in multiple verticals with over 10,000,000 new customers acquired and counting.

Our creativity and need to constantly innovate are at the very core of what makes A4D Inc., and all its products and services unique. And ever-expanding. We re-engineered our core performance strategies to push the limits of optimization techniques with our own proprietary feedback loop that enables us to offer you transparency with media placement.

A4D Inc., has experienced success in many verticals where we have turnkey traffic such as:

Industry VerticalsLeadsPer
Life Insurance170+Day
Funeral Insurance600+Day

By keeping the entire lead acquisition process on our own network, run by some of the best advertising experts in the industry, we control the quality of the advertising funnel guaranteeing the best results for our customers.


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